17 Most Hilarious Photos From India, Which Made The Entire World Laugh


Laughing is the best medicine for everything. If you are an avid Facebook and WhatsApp users, you might want to check these photos. Your social media feeds are going to be less entertaining if someone had not posted these photos on the internet. We need to thank those, who have put wide smiles on our face. In this post, we are going to share with you top 10 most hilarious photos from India, which will blow your mind.

The world is filled with amazing people, you just need to take a good look at it. Every now and then, you must have come across something, which cracked you up. Someone starts laughing when someone falls on a banana peel, it is rude but sometimes it looks pretty funny. Have you ever thought what is the difference between men and women? There are several ways that men are women are different, but do you have something specific to say.

One thing you must agree that men are not as complex as women. Scroll down these pictures, you will have a fair idea about the difference between men and women.

Too hot to handle.

This is the best definition of digitalization.

That’s how you use an ATM!


Damm, Height Of Curiosity!

Happy Married Life To Him!

We bet you can’t stop laughing after seeing this image!

Too Much Fun!

Movie Night With Friends!

Now, meet the king who almost broke the internet.

An Indian aunty helping her husband changing bike gears while driving. 

Meanwhile in India, mangoes and grapes are same.

Female jugaad spotted!

Dhoom:4 has been cast already? Looks like the boys’ gang in Dhoom finally has competition!

Getting this modification done will certainly increase the re-sale value of this Maruti 800.

Enjoy the feeling of driving a car when you ride this bicycle. Go ahead, test out this cutting edge technology.

Wish for a safe flight. Worship the gods, so what if it’s near the runway?

The answer to your cooling needs in two rooms.


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