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Actors Reveal The Popular Movie Scenes That Almost Made Them Quit

11. Maze Runner: The Death Cure: Dylan O’Brien endured till the end

Dylan was involved in a horrific accident while shooting the movie, which resulted in numerous bone fractures, lacerations, and a concussion. As a result of this, the movie was postponed for a long time, and it was finally released in 2018. Dylan insisted on continuing to act after the accident, and after being cured, he was able to finish filming the script.

12. The Shining: Shelley Duvall had it rough

Director Kubrick is known for being a perfectionist, and he insisted on shooting a few scenes in multiple takes for this film, which caused Shelley Duvall to have a nervous breakdown.

Duvall was almost dehydrated as a result of all the weeping and fatigue afterward.

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