Actors Reveal The Popular Movie Scenes That Almost Made Them Quit

13. Batman Returns: Michelle Pfeiffer’s uncomfortable costume

Michelle acknowledged that putting on Catwoman’s mask, which was made from silicone, took some extra effort. When she took it off, it took hours and lots of baby powder to keep it from sticking to her face. Due to this, she couldn’t go to the restroom while wearing the costume. It was also difficult for her to breathe in it, causing her to pass out repeatedly.

14. Knock Knock: an awkward intimate scene for Keanu Reeves

This film featured an intimate scene involving the director’s wife, Lorenza Izzo, which made the lead actor, Keanu Reeves, very uncomfortable. Nonetheless, he maintained a high level of professionalism, and the producer, Eli Roth, made things easier for everybody by placing his confidence in the cast.


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